24/7 guest communication

24/7 guest communication

Trust a professional to manage your guests’ needs at any time, day or night.
Our team work around the clock to ensure that no enquiry—whether pre- or post-booking—goes unanswered. Our team of highly trained staff will attend to all your guest communications. We aim to respond to all guest queries within 10 minutes, depending on the level of complexity.

Our team are experts at finding the answers to all the weird and wonderful questions your guests will ask, meaning you don’t need to worry.

We offer communications via the online Airbnb platform, text message and phone so your guests can rest assured that help is always only a moment away.

Maintenance, housekeeping and operations staff liaison

Maintenance, housekeeping and operations staff liaison

If successful Airbnb property management had to be summed up in one word, it would be “NOW”. The difference between 10 minutes and 1 hour is an unhappy guest and a potential lost client. This is why we have live feeds and 24/7 communication with not only your guests but your team too!

Whether it relates to maintenance issues, a housekeeping item or a lockout that requires operational assistance, we will notify the relevant party on your team immediately so action can be taken now and not a moment later.

After-hours host support

After-hours host support

Just like guests, hosts can be very needy as well and often want to ask simple questions at ungodly hours. It is for this reason we have an after-hours SMS support channel for your hosts. Leave it to us to tell them how to get their keys at 11 pm on a Sunday night or advise them if there is a guest staying at their place at 1 am on a Thursday morning.

Our team will be there for your hosts after hours so you can get the rest you need to manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

Full operational integration, streamlining your entire management process

Full operational integration, streamlining your entire management process

For full peace of mind as a property manager, it’s not enough to know that your guest queries are being attended to in a timely manner. You need to know, in real time, what is happening on the ground and in the cloud. This is why we employ full operational integration systems to ensure you are in the know about the things that matter!

We utilise in-house communications systems to notify you about all the little things that can make a big difference:

  • Last minute bookings

    Never again let a booking catch you by surprise. The Airbnb Instant Book feature is a must these days so the need for real-time live reporting on last minute bookings is essential. The all too familiar “oh no” moment when you realise that a dirty home or neglected maintenance issue is now staring your new guest in the face will be a thing of the past. Our team will live-feed to you all the relevant details you need to know for any last minute bookings as soon as they are booked!

  • Booking alterations

    Booking alterations can be a real pain, whether you need to make the alteration yourself or your guest has requested the alteration. Generally speaking, most guest management software (GMS) packages do not allow you to accept the alteration from within the software. This means logging into the Airbnb account and accepting it the long way or—even worse—missing the alteration request entirely! No more! You want to send an alteration? Just let us know and our team will take care of it for you. A guest has requested an alteration? We will let you know in real time and, as soon as we get the all clear from you, we will go ahead and accept. This applies whether it’s through your GMS or via the Airbnb account itself.

  • Refund requests

    Positive reviews are the name of the game and nothing makes a bad situation worse than unhappy guests not having their issues swiftly dealt with. As soon as we are notified about a refund request, we inform the team and can take any number of actions at your direction.

  • Third party response

    We think it’s critical you know when your hosts are communicating directly with your guests. This is why we have our third party response notification platform. It’s important you are always one step ahead of your clients. If they are speaking to the guest directly, you need to know about it so you’re never caught off guard in conversation.

  • Lost property

    Another easily overlooked but ever so important factor: lost property. As soon as a guest notifies us about a missing item, we will inform your housekeeping and operational staff so everyone is the loop and knows to look out for it.

  • Maintenance

    We will let you know when guests notify us of maintenance issues. This ensures your team can stay on top of all the little things that go wrong and your homes are always being cared for.

  • Urgent maintenance

    We will notify you separately of any urgent maintenance issues as these sorts of problems cannot wait. We will work tirelessly to ensure your team takes care of these issues and will stay connected with your guests through the resolution process.

Customised FAQs incorporating multi-layer logic systems

Customised FAQs incorporating multi-layer logic systems

Responses to FAQs will form the foundation of guest communications. That’s why we go to great lengths to tailor our FAQ database to meet the needs of your company and to ensure our responses are aligned with your company protocols.

Together we will craft a comprehensive and detailed database that will ensure your guests are getting 5-star responses. Our FAQ systems do not follow a simple question/answer methodology. We employ multi-layered logic systems (MLLS) to ensure guests receive the most accurate responses to their queries.

MLLS will enable you to provide a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Below is an example of a MLLS and our team’s process:
Your minimum booking is 3 nights. Check out is 10am and check in is 3pm; a guest has requested a late check out:

Our team will review your calendar for one of three possible scenarios:
  1. There are ONLY 1 or 2 vacant nights available after the reservation

  2. There are 3 or more vacant nights after the reservation

  3. There are no vacant nights after the reservation

Our team will reply accordingly, given the outcome of stage 1.
  1. ONLY 1 or 2 vacant nights after the reservation

    This means there is no possibility of a booking occurring on that day. Therefore, housekeeping will be under no pressure to clean by 3pm and we can offer a late check out at a time of your choosing.

  2. 3 or more vacant nights after the reservation

    This means there is the potential for a last minute booking. We ask the guest to enquire again 24 hours before their check out day.

  3. There are no vacant nights

    We advise the guest that a late check out is not possible because the housekeeping team will need to prepare the property for the next guest.

Our team will respond accordingly, given the outcome of stage 2.
  1. Guest enquires again 24 hours before the end of their reservation

    Our team will apply the same logic as above

  2. Guest has been approved for a late check out

    Our team will notify housekeeping of the late check out to ensure cleaners do not attend the property at the standard 10 am check out time.

Detailed custom reports to help you monitor your business operations

Detailed custom reports to help you monitor your business operations

Reporting is the cornerstone of improving your operation, and managers need to stay abreast of their team’s performance in order to improve. However, we are all too familiar with the time it takes to complete reports.

Reporting will help you weed out the weak links in your chain, especially when dealing with larger teams. Luckily, we can help. Whether you want to track your team’s responsiveness to operational issues, cleaning checklists, missed cleans or maintenance works, we will work with you to decide on the best reporting process. And then, we’ll do all the hard work for you.e on the best reporting process and do all the hard work for you.

Custom review writing

Custom review writing

Reviews can be a pain. Let us take the hassle out of this for you. It is very easy to give 5-star reviews all the time, but we know the trouble this can cause. We’ll help you to avoid that awkward conversation, explaining to your client why the guest who trashed their home was given a 5-star rating.

We will liaise with your housekeeping team to establish the property’s exact condition at check out and will base reviews on fact. Your guests will get the reviews they deserve, and your clients will think you’re awesome!

White label signatures

White label signatures

Airbnb is a personal space, and we want to ensure your guests receive that personal touch. This is why we offer our white label service option. If you would rather we didn’t sign off communications with our names, together we can work out your preferred signature. We will sign off in the manner of your choosing, ensuring your guests and hosts receive the personal touch you want to give.

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